We maintain a reliable supply chain to ensure prompt and efficient delivery to our customers 

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100% Organic

We follow organic farming practices, to ensure the purity and natural goodness of our products

Our Mushrooms
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Healthy and Quality Oyster Mushrooms

In 2023, Profresh opens it doors. For distribution of Agro products Profresh was launched. Profresh caters to all organic products and fmcg’s. Profresh is a leading and innovative agro product distribution dedicated to providing high-quality, healthy products to meet the growing demand for nutritious and sustainable food options. 

Established in 2023, We have been committed to cultivating and collecting a variety of agro products using state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly practices and make them available to you .

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About Us

Ryzen Intels Mind's Agrotech Division

At Ryzen Intels Mind Pvt Ltd we are committed to transforming the agriculture sector through sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions. Our mission is to enhance agricultural productivity, reduce carbon emissions, and safeguard the future of farming. Explore our innovative products and join us in the journey towards a greener, more resilient agriculture 

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Profresh Farm

Healthier Future

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Our Fresh Organic Foods


Fresh mushrooms with variety will be offered by Profresh. We also bring in premium mushrooms to your door.


Premium variety of spices sorted with efficient hands will reach your door with all its natural essence.


We have apt system to collect and process the essential oils. All products  selectively chosen and packed.


We bring you the taste of natural blend with varieties of nature's produce. The taste will be our promise.


Aromatics include new variety of mix of food which gives you stronger aroma with its high extract packed in Profresh

Pink Salt

We have sourced the finest quality of Himalayan salt to bring you the original pink salt which benefits your health.

Build Health

Our Latest Product To Build Health

Oyster Mushroom
Milky Mushrooms

What Client Say's

Thanks for bringing the Agro products distribution locally with efficient system.

T K Balan

Thanks for fresh delivery of Mushrooms. I will never be able to buy from a different store again, appreciate your service.

Jithesh K Manager

All the best for your new venture. The right team with right attitude can do wonders.

Irshad P Creative Director