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In 2023, Profresh opens it doors under the banner of Ryzen Intels Mind Pvt Ltd for distribution of Agro products and cultivation. Profresh caters to all organic products and fmcg’s.

Profresh is a leading and innovative agro product distribution dedicated to providing high-quality, healthy products to meet the growing demand for nutritious and sustainable food options. Established in 2023, We have been committed to cultivating and collecting a variety of agro products using state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly practices and make them available to you

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Frequently Asked Question

Profresh is more concerned on business continuity by maintaining the best relationsship after sales. As we are ready with any of queires.

What new products are you planning?

We have been adding most required products fresh with all its natural essence to your hands.

How are you different?

We have been continuously reseraching and developing better ways to bring the nutricious natures gift to you with its freshness.

Where can I get access to Profresh?

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What Client Say's

Genuine approach to cultivate and distribute. All the best

Irshad Pallam Creative Director

Proactive team to deliver consistently fresh Mushrooms. Really appreciate your efforts to provide fresh products.

Jithesh K Manager

I have looked at Mushrooms over the years and thought yeah right.  I will never be able to order from other  stores here after, thanks.

TK Balan Rtd IAF
We Provide

Providing High Quality Foods

Our company was built with the customer in mind. Our aim is make day to day shopping a faster, healthier, and more convenient experience.

Welcome to your everyday online Profesh. We bring you the fresh without loosing the natural essence. For long time we have been researching and developing the best proven methods for cultivation and distribution to deliver it to the needy. Profresh is part of Ryzen Intels Mind Group.

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